LeBron James Free Agency Update: Rabid Fans, Traffic Jams & Private Jets With DWade

Another day has come and gone without LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony making a decision as to what team they’ll play for next season and beyond. LeBron watch 2014 is really starting to get crazy.

While the King was finishing up his Nike Skills camp in Las Vegas, fans were gathering outside his home in Akron, Oh. in anticipation of a “decision.”


The question is, what are you going to his house for? He’s not even there? Isn’t that enough reason for LeBron to want to stay out of Cleveland? Meanwhile, LeBron took the Private Jet back to Miami before he heads over to Brazil for Sunday’s World Cup match between Germany and Argentina. He and DWade flew back together  – DWade came out to Vegas for Bron’s camp.

Side, DWade’s left knee looks a bit tricky and like he’s missed leg days,  in the photo on the right with former Heat teammate Dorell Wright.

Want more speculation, DWade hashtagged #LaFamilia on a photo Thursday too. If you’ve been keeping up, this is something LeBron uses frequently that Cavs teammates Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson – Rich Paul’s client – use also. So he’s family with the Cavs players or DWade is going with him (Laugh… it’s just a little King James hype humor)

So what’s the hold up? Allegedly, the same thing that would cause most a problem, that letter from Dan Gilbert… That makes sense but shouldn’t that have been thought number two after even THINKING about a return to Cleveland?