LeBron James & Drake’s All-Star Party Featured Trap Karaoke, Amber Rose And No Cellphones

NBA All-Star Weekend is going down in Toronto, Canada. Of course that means lots of professional athletes and celebs out partying and having a good time. Saturday night saw some of your favorites turn out for LeBron James and Drake‘s “House of Tings” sponsored by Beats By Dre. Of course there was a strict no cellphone policy, but a few photos and videos leaked.

The night included a room that featured “Trap Karaoke.”In case you missed this new trend, its Karaoke that features all your favorite trap music. LeBron grabbed the mic to turn up to Future’s “March Madness”

You know that’s LeBron’s theme song. He’s bopped to it last year during the NBA finals, and last summer when he was in the 6ix” for Caribana.

Amber Rose rocked the mic too with Biggie’s “Notorious Thugs”

There was ping-pong


Odell Beckham Jr. brought his sexy gaze to the festivities

The night also featured a pillow fight room, indoor basketball court and naturally a mini set from Drake featuring OT Genesis and Fabolous.

Dwyane Wade hosted a Spades event for his Stance line and also held a bowling classic that benefited his Wade’s World Foundation and Sandals.

And then there was a dinner in Kobe Bryant’s honor hosted by Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony.