Lebron James controls ESPN.com too apparently

So last weekend Lebron was in Vegas not only supporting Team USA but hosting a series a parties at Lavo & Tao. He was reportedly paid $100,000 for his services.

While Lebron was basking in his own star aura, he was shadowed by a journalist from ESPN.com on Saturday night. Arash Markazi accompanied King James and company to dinner as well as to his party at Tao and then on to XS (a club in the Encore hotel). The story was posted today on ESPN.com in the Los Angeles City section of the site but soon after vanished from view.

Seeing as Lebron is currently public enemy #1 for choosing to ::GASP:: exercise his right as a free agent and “take his talents to South Beach”. Speculation is running rampant on the internet as to the exact reason behind the articles disappearance. Was it because Arash compared Mav to Puffy dancing around Lebron ( Any artist that wants to come to Death Row and have a real CEO not one dancing all around in Videos – Suge Knight circa 1995 @ The Source Awards). Perhaps it was the fact that he mentioned Lebron would prefer his Ace of Spades pourers be the female waitresses who weren’t wearing panties!NO it was the Evil Nike empire once again stepping in to flex their muscles when it comes to Lebron.

OR maybe it was a technical glitch with the site??

At this point, no one knows for sure but what is certain, Lebron won’t be given the benefit of the doubt with ANYTHING until the Heat win…

As a side note, DWade was in the building as well, but He’s not the polarizing figure or subject of the story so I guess that doesn’t matter.

To check out the article (yeah I’m crafty and its the net, is anything ever really GONE) Go HERE or if you don’t have Google reader, our Friend at Blacksportsonline have a link you can check out as well!