Lance Stephenson Shows LeBron & Miami Heat Love On Instagram


Throughout the Eastern Conference Finals, the subject of Pacers Lance Stephenson going at LeBron was a hot topic. During the eventual loss, Stephenson hit Lebron in the face and almost had to face the wrath of the Miami Heat’s enforcer, Udonis Haslem.

But from Lance’s end, it was really was just about having fun. He posted a message on Instagram shouting out the Heat, thanking his teammates and Pacers fans.

“I have much respect for LeBron and the Heat,” Stephenson wrote on Instagram. “This was a great series they deserve it all love to Heat. Want to say that I’m so proud of my teammates we work so hard all year to get to point, Everything is a learning experience and getting better every year love u guys Pacer nation and thanks to all of our Pacer fans love y’all too.”

As far as next season, Lance is a free agent this summer. Are the Pacers ready to pay up or did they burn out after the up and down season?