Lamar Odom Named Sixth Man Of The Year

Lam-lam (what you don’t watch Khloe and Lamar? That’s what she calls him and I adore them as a couple!) has finally received his props.

According to multiple NBA sources, the Lakers forward has been named Sixth Man of the Year. While some may quibble that he started too many games this year to really earn that title, I’ll share with you my definition of the ultimate “sixth man”. He steps in and handles whatever assignment thrown at him, if that happens to be replacing an injured Bynum in the starting line up, he does it. Returning to the bench once Bynum was healthy with no gripes, he handled that too. All the while being the Lakers most consistent player this season.

Odom averaged averaged 14.4 points and 8.7 rebounds while playing all 82 regular-season games. He shot a career-best 53% and started 35 games. Plus he was filming his reality show too! That takes talent!!

Laker fans are hoping that game 1 was just a fluke meant to humble the Lakers and THIS L.O. will show up for game 2 and beyond!