Lamar Odom interested in playing for the New York Knicks?

Lamar Odom’s ’11-’12 season was a bust. Starting with the trade gone wrong that would’ve sent LO to the Hornets, up through his disastrous time with the Mavericks, Lamar never found a comfort zone. But that’s behind him now and Odom is ready to return to a new team. “COMFORT” is a huge issue in his new destination and what’s more cozy is home?

LO is said to be interested in playing with for the New York Knicks.

A source with knowledge of Odom’s thinking says yes. The source says the Knicks would be “on the top of his list” if Odom became a free agent.

“Lamar is big on being comfortable,” the source said. “And New York is somewhere he can be comfortable.”

This might not be a bad look for the Knicks depending on if the Mavs are willing to make a deal. Otherwise they waive LO, eat the last year of his contract ( $8.2 million)  in which case, the Knicks can get him on the low. LO off the bench? I think I might like it.