Lamar Odom Headed To Turkey To Play For Besiktas

Lakers forward Lamar Odom has reached an agreement in principle to sign with Besiktas of Turkey. This is the same team up that currently has Nets star Deron Williams.

The deal would pay Odom more than $2 million. There is of course a lockout opt out. With meetings taking place Friday in New York to try to get a 66 game on the schedule begininning Christmas. My gut tells me that L.O. and Khloe may not make it across the water.

The team has been in pursuit of a big man after a position opened up following a thumb injury to Cleveland Cavaliers forward Semih Erden. Questions about the team’s finances have been circulating as two WNBA stars left their women’s team because of money.

Maybe they’re robbing Peter (in this case that would be their men’s team) to pay Paul (the NBA stars they’re trying to recruit.)