Lakers, Knicks & Celtics Miss Playoffs For 1st Time In NBA History


For the first time in the history of the NBA – that means since the NBA was formed way back in 1948- The Knicks, Lakers and Celtics will all miss the playoffs. The Lakers and Celtics have the most titles in NBA history. The Knicks of course have been searching for new title hopes since their new president Phil Jackson won one as a player with the franchise in 1973. But all have large fan bases and make up major media markets.

The Celtics are rebuilding, the Knicks are trying to find an identity – I don’t care what you say, I can’t see Melo coming back this summer. Yes, I know the Knicks can pay him more money, but as his age, is it worth the headache – and the Lakers have been the victims of injuries and implosion. Of the three, who do you think has the best hope for a title in the next five years?

The playoffs will be a tad less spectacular without the league’s original big three competing for June.