Lakers free agent signings

Matt Barnes Tweet where he's finally "Taking his Talent to"

SUUUPPPERRR FRRIIEENNDDSSSSS come out and Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy –

::Luther’s voice  The Warriors circa ’79::

The Lakers are quietly having a great off season of their own. While it may not be as dramatic as that of new rival the Heat. The Lakers have shored up their bench (a source of weakness during spots in the playoffs) to add length and defensive toughness.

Theo Ratliff has been signed to a 1 year deal worth $1.35 million and also added Matt Barnes for 2 years at around $3 million.

Matt Barnes to the LAKERS??? Who would’ve of thought he’d end up here. But after Raja Bell almost signing, anything was probable. Just goes to show how much Kobe respects competitors and guys in the league would sacrifice to play with him too.

But Matt, please learn how to spell Los ANGELES correctly and take care of your “patients” because I personally have no PATIENCE for mispelled tweet proclamations!!

Sorry, I couldn’t let that one slide!

And that’s what’s up. ::flicks wrists::

Just in case you forgot. A charming little moment between Matt and Kobe from last season.