Chris Paul would like to take his talent to…

Chris Paul wanting out of New Orleans isn’t a newsflash. There have been signs for months that everything isn’t right with the Hornets. His destinations of choice… THAT’s news.

Yesterday a story was floated out of New Orleans that CP3 more than likely won’t be in a Hornets jersey when training camp opens in October.

Initially the teams listed as his preferred destination choices were the Lakers (cancel Christmas, A dynasty for years to come but obviously not likely), the Knicks (2 weeks ago at Carmelo’s wedding he mentioned how he’d like to play in NY with Amar’e and Melo hmmmmm)  & The Magic (I’m sure Jameer Nelson is thrilled at the thought :giggles:)

Today the updated list no longer contains the Lakers but includes Dallas and Portland as desirable destinations.

Like it or not, Lebron’s free agency move has caused a shift in the thinking of players. The difference with CP3 is that he still has 2 more years left on the $68 million dollar deal he signed with the Hornets in 2008.

The Hornets obviously have no real motivation to move him if it doesn’t benefit the franchise. Having recently gone through coaching and front office changes, it will be interesting to see how the new regime handles this situation.  One also has to wonder how these type of demands coupled with the super friends South Beach hook up will be played out in CBA negotiations next summer between the League and the Players Association.

Get ready to witness yet another shift in power in the basketball world. Using Miami as a model, it says the ones who’ll suffer the most are those middle tier players. The superstars will always be paid but as witnessed with the amount of players lined up to go play with the Heat for the minimum, the price to bask in greatness may add up to double digit millions over the lifetime of your deal.