Lakers Forward Matt Barnes Punches A Guy During San Francisco Pro Am

Since there’s an NBA lockout this summer, Pro Am’s from around the country have benefited from a little extra attention (no summer league, so people must get their hoops fix from someplace.) Thursday night the San Francisco one held at Kezar was graced with Lakers Matt Barnes presence.

Matt seems to take the playoffs seriously no matter what the venue is. Apparently things got a little heated in the game which resulted in Matt allegedly punching another player in the face. But this isn’t the NBA so Matt wasn’t kicked out of the game, he just received a technical foul. What happened after that, who knows. Check video from the aftermath.

If you listen to the comments on the video, it appears the guy may have hit Matt first. First Eric Williams, now Matt Barnes. The men of “Basketball Wives” certainly have temper tantrums too.


Curtsy to Sorry Bros for the video