Lakers fans get caught having sex in VIP bathroom at Staples Center


Sunday, while the Lakers were giving up 137 points to the Denver Nuggets, two of their fans were in the VIP bathrooms at Staples Center avoiding the blowout by having loud sex in one of the stalls. Check the details.

The frisky pair caused a major incident for security at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles when they were caught mid-consummation in the VIP bathroom on the suite level of the stadium.

Apparently, the couple made no attempt to keep quiet while in the act. Supposedly, everyone could hear what was going on in the stall. Not only did the couple have no intention to keep their actions a secret in the bathroom, but they didn’t even seem embarrassed after being caught and being escorted out of the building during the blowout loss to the Nuggets

“Staples Center security and a uniform police officer had them surrounded and were talking to them outside the bathroom. The couple didn’t even look embarrassed.”

Certainly sounds more entertaining than that game.