LA Teams Come Up: Angeles Sign Albert Pujols For $250 Million, Clippers Sign Caron Butler For $24 Million

Thursday was a great day for LA Sports teams- well, minus that whole botched Chris Paul trade, the NBA better make it right!! Former St. Louis Cardinal and 3-time MVP award winner,  Albert Pujols signed with the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles (or however it’s phrased now, I’m confused at this point) for 10 years- $250 Million. The Angels also signed CJ Wilson (formerly of the Texas Rangers) to a 5 year $77 Million dollar deal. The Angles have to keep up with the Dodgers, it IS Hollywood after all. The Angels want to keep the baseball spotlight focused on them.

Across town, my other team- look, don’t go into a bunch of reasons why I can’t stan for the Clippers too, I grew up on BOTH LA teams- The Clippers signed free agent forward Caron Butler for 3 years $24 million. That’s a major money move for the notoriously cheap team. Next is locking up DeAndre Jordan and getting started on a playoff push behind those two and the crown jewel, Blake Griffin.

And just wait until we get an NFL team. LA is a city of Champions, never count us out for long!