Kobe Bryant wants you to shut up

The battle for LA takes place tonight at Staples Center between the Clippers and Lakers. The Lakers have come out the gate slow losing their first two games. But Kobe Bryant has a message for the fans hitting the panic button, “shut up.”

“I’m always surprised when I lose, at the same time it [the panic] is pretty entertaining to me. Nobody wants to win here more than I do. Nobody. Nobody.

“And I’m not panicking over it. Or jumping off a bridge because we’re 0-2 or whatever.”

“I just … I don’t understand … the city here … for me not trying to bite my tongue and not calling them dumb, which I kinda just did,” Bryant said.

Oh, ok Kobe. I’m neutral tonight. Both the Clippers and Lakers are my teams – don’t question it, it’s always been that way. I don’t care what you think about it. F yo feelings ::giggle:: However, I am a little concerned. I know it takes time to gel but I also think head coach Mike Brown isn’t the greatest when putting together offensive schemes. We’ll see.