Kobe Bryant wanted to bet Gerald Wallace $500K he could make free throw with eyes closed [video]

No secret that I adore Kobe Bryant’s cockiness. During Tuesday game against the Nets, while Kobe was at the free throw line, he could be seen having a conversation with Gerald Wallace. The details of the convo are classic Mamba:

Wallace wanted to make a bet wit Kobe that he couldn’t make the free throws with his eyes closed. Kobe was ready to take him up on the bet IF Wallace was willing to but 5 on it… $500,000.


Kobe could be seen saying to Wallace, “How much you want to put on it?”

“I was trying to get him to close his eyes to shoot. I had to make a big bet,” Wallace told the New York Daily News. “So I told him just shoot the free throws.”

“I tried to get him to make a contribution to my foundation … he didn’t want to take it,” Kobe told NBA TV. “I missed two, so I was trying to hustle him. He didn’t fall for it.”

Seriously, that would’ve been all types of awesomeness. But I suppose we wouldn’t have know the details until later because I’m pretty sure you aren’t allowed to be a player and bet on any aspect of the game. I still love it!


video via Larry Brown Sports