Kobe Bryant to see a specialist for broken nose suffered in the All-Star game

Kobe Bryant suffered a broken nose and mild concussion on Sunday during the NBA All-Star game. The injury happened during the third quarter when Dwyane Wade attempted to stop Kobe from making a wide open dunk… in an All-Star game… Yes, I’m adding just a tad of shade onto that statement.

Wade told reporters,

 “I obviously didn’t try to draw no blood, but I took a foul. Kobe fouled me two times in a row, so he’s still got one up on me. But I’m glad that everything was cool and we got back to being competitive and having fun.”



The Lakers resume their season on Wednesday against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Kobe says he will play in that game but Laker officials are taking a more cautious approach.

I can’t wait for Sunday’s game against the Heat! You know Mamba is secretly seething. Not that he doesn’t play through injuries all the time but, in an All-Star game! It was an accident, I absolutely believe that, but I also don’t think it matters.