Kobe Bryant tells Dwight Howard “let me show you how to be a winner”


Kobe Bryant has developed a reputation for telling you exactly what’s on his mind. Bryant was a member of the group who went to sit down with NBA free agent Dwight Howard to convince him to stay with the Lakers. Per “Yahoo Sports,” Kobe’s message was direct, Let me show you how to be a winner.

Is that the best message to send to Dwight, yes. But is Kobe the best person to deliver it to DH, that’s where the questions come in. There were reports of friction between the two at various points of the season. And playing another 3 plus years with Kobe doesn’t appear to be something Howard is interested in undertaking.
Dwight is taking a mini-vacation in either Colorado or Montana to mull over his free agent suitors. Phil Jackson mentioned that he was going on vacation too- – to Montana. Maybe they’ll link up for coffee to discuss.