Kobe Bryant teasing the date he returns this season?


Kobe Bryant has become pretty savvy at using social media to convey messages. Using symbolism in everything is surely a trait he picked up from Phil Jackson. Could his latest social media avi be telling the world when to expect his return to basketball action? Kobe has changed his Twitter avi to the numbers, “1225.”

This is the date I’ve always had circled on my calendar for Kobe’s return to the court. The Heat will be in LA on Christmas to face off against the Lakers. Naturally that would be a perfect setting for vino to hit the hardwood. Kobe was recently spotted running light sprints before the Lakers preseason match up against the Warriors in China.

The Lakers were also ranked 12th in the West by ESPN and Kobe ranked as the 25th player… Whatever theory you go with, a motivated Kobe Bryant is always interesting.

It could simply be a coincidence that Kobe chose those numbers as his Twitter avi. But it clearly represents something like his last visual of a “bear” did a few weeks back.