Kobe Bryant Talks About Helping Lamar Odom Through The “Low Times”

KBryant LOdom

Kobe Bryant has been doing a lot of press this week in advance of the airing of his Showtime documentary, “Kobe Bryant’s Muse.” Since we’ve arrived at the twilight of Kobe’s career, he’s been more open with the media.

Kobe is often portrayed as the one superstar who doesn’t have friends. While that pretty accurate for #8 Kobe, #24 seemed to learn the benefit of friendship and camaraderie. In a recent USA Today interview, Kobe revealed that he Lamar Odom is someone he keeps in touch with, and that he was there for him during the dark period.

He’s (Lamar) doing good. He’s doing good, man. I’ve talked to him during some of the low times for him, and I think during those moments it’s funny how sports can be really impactful because I used what we did as a team, and the toughness and the mental fortitude and shared some stories to kind of remind him of that journey, right? And to take him back to that place, to hopefully get him to find that place again and get himself out of this thing.

On when he and LO last spoke:

This was right in the thick of it, and then I spoke to him two months after that, two months after. He’s good (Gives two thumbs up). We all stay close, man. Me and Shannon (Brown) just had dinner the other night. When you go through stuff like that, and you win something like that together, you don’t lose that.