Kobe Bryant says Metta World Peace is the only Laker he can count on to play with urgency

For the second time, in as many games, the Lakers failed to close out the Denver Nuggets. Game 7 will take place on Saturday in L.A. Prior to the game, it was widely reported that Kobe was suffering from the flu. Of course the set up in most people’s minds was that this game would be Kobe’s equilvilent to the famous Michael Jordan Game 5 “flu game” in the 1997 NBA finals.

Not so much. In post game, Kobe described why he can’t wait for Metta World Peace to return on Saturday.

Bryant fielded a question about Metta World Peace’s imminent return from suspension by turning a cannon to the talented temples of Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum:

“He’s the one guy I can rely on, night in and night out, to compete and play with a sense of urgency, with no fear,” Bryant said of the former Ron Artest. “I’m looking forward to having that by my side again.”

It’s no secret that Gasol has a soft label (remember last season’s sweep at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks when Phil Jackson got all in his face during the game) and that Bynum can mentally check out on you. Now the question becomes how much damage to their psyche did Mamba’s comments cause?

Denver Nuggets have all the momentum.