Kobe Bryant says he wasn’t mean mugging Mike Brown, you’re just bored [video]


After the Lakers loss to the Utah Jazz on Wednesday, cameras focused in on Kobe Bryant giving someone a death stare. Most assumed, myself included that Kobe Bryant was giving that “look” to head coach Mike Brown. Kobe has since come out and said “people are bored” and he’s “too old” for this stuff, claiming that he was not glaring at anyone, just upset the Lakers lost.


If you missed the clip, you can check that HERE. But let’s be for real for a second. Kobe can say what he wants but I say HE NEEDS MORE PEOPLE. Kobe was clearly tracking SOMEONE in that glare. Usually when one is just frustrated at something but not someone, you stare off into space. You don’t train your eyes on someone. I get that the Black Mamba is being the ultimate team player in this moment. I actually appreciate it. But the reality is, there are serious issues with the Lakers. While there was no expectation that the Lakers would start the season 5-0. It’s more than just the fact that the Lakers are losing, it’s the way they’re losing. It’s also the weaknesses that are showing through.

The lack of a clear offensive scheme. No defensive effort, those are real problems. So we’ll take Kobe at his word, that he wasn’t sending daggers to Mike Brown but let’s hope Brown took it that way and gets it in gear.

Dwight Howard has an opinion on what’s going on, he thinks people need to relax

“I told the guys after practice today that we just got to stick together, still come in here every day and work hard and fight through this phase,” Howard said. “I gave them a little scripture: ‘The first should be last and the last should be first.’ “