Kobe Bryant live Tweets his first time watching his 81-point game


Kobe Bryant recently said that he’d had never watched his 81-point game against the Toronto Raptors. His reasoning was, “what can I learn from it.” I guess Kobe changed his mind, today is the 7th anniversary of the highest individual point total game in modern NBA history. NBA TV re-aired the game so Kobe live tweeted while watching for the first time. Re-watching that game is fascinating. You forget that the Raptors were pretty good that year. That Kobe was playing with Smush Parker, Chris Mihm, Kwame Brown, Luke Walton and Devan George. That the Lakers were down 18 at one point and climbed back. That Kobe scored 42 points in a half. That he went off for 13 points in the last 5 minutes. And so on, etc. etc.

Check out Kobe’s thoughts on his performance and where his head was at throughout the contest.







You knew Shaq would chime in. On TNT's "Inside the NBA" on Monday night, Shaq, Kenny Smith and Chris Webber kept saying there was no way this was Kobe's first time watching this game. Shaq said "He knows Kobe.." They were laughing some I'm sure it was just kicks and giggles.









TRUTH Kobe... that was not the business.

Check out all 81 of Kobe's points in this 3 minute video.