Kobe Bryant has a message for Mark Cuban “Amnesty THAT”


The Lakers have come back from the All-Star break looking focused. They’re playing the best basketball of the season. They finally look to have established a rhythm and have even settled into an eight-man rotation. Prior to the Lakers game against the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban said the Lakers should consider using the amnesty clause on Kobe Bryant.

The Lakers proceeded to come out and beat the Mavericks, 103-99 on their home court Sunday afternoon. The Mavs are sitting in the 10th spot and trying to make it into that final eight spot too. Kobe had a message for Mark Cuban after the game via Twitter.


Even Pau Gasol got in on it.



Cuban said today he was just using the situation as an example.

“Any time you try to explain the CBA, it’s hard to do without giving an example,” Cuban said while working out on his stair stepper before Sunday’s game against the Lakers. “Whenever the commissioner or anybody talks about the CBA, they talk about Dallas and Tyson Chandler or Dallas and Dirk or whatever. You’ve got to use examples.

“I was clear saying it was hypothetical and I didn’t expect it to be that way, but it was a good example because they have the highest payroll and the highest-paid player in the league. That’s the end of the story.”


And because Twitter moves quickly, Cuban has already responded: