Kobe Bryant gives Coach Mike Brown a death stare following Lakers loss to Jazz [video]

All is not sweet in Laker land at the moment. The Lakers lost their fourth game of the young season on Wednesday night to the Utah Jazz 95-86. Lakers current record, 1-4. You know whose PISSED, Kobe Bryant. The Black mamba has been preaching patience to the media but we all know that Kobe HATES to lose. Especially the way the Lakers have been going out, at least in this small but crucial five game sample.

Check out the death stare Kobe gave Mike Brown at the end of last night’s game.



Here’s my thing with Coach Brown. If defense is the one thing that’s supposed to be your specialty, why does the Lakers suck? Teams are easily scoring 100 points on the Lakers. Then there’s the offense. There isn’t any. In the four losses, the lake show has lost by between 8 to 10 points. The bench has been a non factor.

I’ve been on record since Mike Brown was hired saying he was the wrong coach for this team. I know it’s early but it’s time for him to GO. There are rumors that former Utah coach Jerry Brown is interested in the job. Perhaps former Blazers coach Nate McMillan would be a good look also. It’s clear that Mike Brown has lost the team- did he ever really have them, I say no- it’s time for some changes and it needs to be soon.

The Lakers are at the BOTTOM of the Pacific division. Wait my bad, not just the bottom of the Pacific division, the bottom of the entire Western Conference. I want you to think about that for a second.

Oh and meanwhile, down the hall in Staples Center, the Clippers dropped the Spurs last night, 106-84.