Kobe Bryant Doesn’t Care If You Don’t Like His Shot Selection

Kobe Bryant is playing his 16th season in the NBA. One thing that has never changed during that time, Kobe shooting the ball whenever he felt like it. His game is his game and often times, he’s the most talented player on the floor and the person you trust to hit the clutch shot.

But of course, the ball hog label has always followed any Kobe accolades. As usual, Kobe gives a damn what you think about his shot selection.

“Look, I’ve played 15 years. I’ve won world championships. I’ve done all these things. And people still want to talk about this stupid-a** [stuff]? I’m a scorer first … I’ll try to make the good play, the good pass, kick it out when my teammates are open, but I’m a scorer first. I may shoot 27 times. I may shoot 20 times. Nobody complains when I shoot 10 times. You don’t hear ME complaining when I shoot 10 times. It just depends on the game, you know?”

Valid point. I don’t recall a time when Kobe has ever said, “my teammates aren’t getting me the ball.”

Kobe also touched on what he believes would’ve happened had the Chris Paul trade gone through.

“Chris would’ve created shots for me. I wouldn’t be shooting 29 times a game. I’d be shooting 40. Man, what would people be saying THEN?”

So there you go. Bottom line, Kobe thinks you need to develop a higher appreciation for what he does on the court.

Mamba’s knee and ankle have looked great since the tune up procedure he got in Germany this summer. He’s currently looking to get the same procedure done in L.A. on his injured wrist.