Kobe Bryant blocks 2 of LeBron James shots in the NBA All-Star game [video]


The running commentary for the past week with has been whose better, Kobe or LeBron. Michael Jordan weighed in and said five rings beats one. He also said he’s found the flaw in LeBron’s game, when he goes right, he’s taking it inside, when he goes left, He’s pulling up for a jumper. While we don’t know how much this really impacted Kobe and LeBron, we do know is that Kobe got serious during the last quarter of Sunday’s All-Star game. Kobe decided he’d guard LeBron from an to end and managed to get  two block shots. Check the footage.


 Apparently Kobe listened to Jordan’s advice…

Following the game, Kevin Durant said:

“It was a great block, I haven’t really seen any MVP get a jumper blocked like that. It was a really great play.”

Kobe had this to say:

‘Me? Trash talk? Never. I don’t do that. I’m a nice guy. But I didn’t want him to score on me. Damn it. I gave him two free throws down there. It was a great, great post move.’ 

video via Slam Online