KG & Rondo leave the court without shaking hands [video]

Remember a few years back in the playoffs when the Cavs and Magic faced off in the Eastern Conference finals and LeBron walked off the court without shaking the opposing teams hands? He was REAMED in the media for it. Saturday night, KG and Rondo both left the court with time on the clock and didn’t shake anyone’s hand either. Somehow this will be looked at as their passion getting the best of them.

The original Big 3 plus 1 more is done. KG looked like he turned back the hands of time during Doubt we’ll see them on the court for the Celtics again, they had a good run and got a ring. I have to admit though, I love that Rondo doesn’t care about going rogue! It gives him an edge, that’s sexy!!

The new generation has taken over.


video via IAAGM