Key dates leak for Miami Heat 2012-2013 schedule

The NBA schedule will be released this week but of course a few leaks have made their way to the internet. Lets check out a few key dates for the world champion Miami Heat.

The Heat will receive their rings on October 30th when they face off against their new teammate, Ray Allen’s former squad, the Boston Celtics.

Next the Heat take off for the big apple to take on the reloaded Knicks on November 2nd in the Garden. The Christmas game? That’s a finals rematch against the OKC Thunder in Miami and the Heat return to Oklahoma City on Valentine’s day.

The champs will be extremely active on holidays. The team will ring in 2013 in Orlando playing the Magic – please let them be Dwight-less, although that probably means an uneventful game. I’m torn as to if I care.

The Heat will make their way to LA on January 17th to hit up Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. With the Lakers making their south Florida trek on February 10th. On January 30th the Heat will visit the house that Jay-Z built – that’s Barclays – for their lone visit to Brooklyn.

I’m so excited. Just a little less than 100 days until the NBA is back in action. I miss it. Thank God for the summer Olympics.


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