Kevin Love breaks right hand; out 6 – 8 weeks


Something strange is going on with Kevin Love. Coincidentally, a couple of days after Love had an issue from sleeping on his arm the wrong way, he breaks his right hand in morning workouts. The prognosis is 6 to 8 weeks or roughly, the first 20 games of the season. In the west, the Timberwolves are trying to transition from fun-to-watch-young team into a playoff contender like the Thunder were a few years ago or the Blazers had hoped to be be until injuries to Greg Oden – again- Brandon Roy and others set them back.

Love and starting point guard Ricky Rubio should both be ready to start the season around the same time frame.  Rubio recovering from last seasons ACL tear. We won’t have a true read on what the T-Wolves can offer to around January or February.