Kevin Durant says he’s a “Bad Mutha*****” [Video]


You know those moments when you’re in a zone. That point when you KNOW there’s not a person on the planet that can fade you. Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star Kevin Durant had that type of night on Monday.

Durant went off for 40 on the Denver Nuggets. KD had to remind himself that he’s a BAD Mutha…

Serge Ibaka agrees
KD didn’t even care that he got hit with a flagrant on Kenneth Faried. He even threw the ball at him.

Side note, the Nuggets haven’t looked the same since they fired George Karl after he won Coach of the Year honors. That was also the same month GM Masai Ujiri left to head up the Toronto Raptors. You see the Raps are now one of the top teams in the East.

Thunder win 124 – 114