Kevin Durant: Possible Landing Spots for the 2016-17 Season

It’s not often that one of the NBA’s elite players becomes a free agent, but that happens to be the case in the upcoming offseason. Kevin Durant’s contract is up and speculation about his landing spot is running rampant. There is nobody that truly knows his what is going through his head, but here is more speculation about potential landing spots for the league’s best scorer.

1. Oklahoma City Thunder
It may not be the most exciting landing spot, but what the Thunder have done for Durant make it a hard offer to pass up. Oklahoma has been home to Durant since the organization moved there and there is nobody more loved in OKC than Kevin Durant. If Durant stays, he will have another year paired with one of the league’s best talents, Russell Westbrook, which gives him a chance to get an elusive championship ring.

2. Washington Wizards
Growing up, every kid dreams of putting on their hometown team’s uniform and leading them to the promise land. Durant grew up in Washington DC and has expressed interest in returning home. If Durant decides to make the journey home, he will be paired with one of the very best young teams the league has to offer. If Durant was to leave OKC, my money would be on him becoming a Wizard.

3. Los Angeles Lakers
Any kid that doesn’t dream of playing for their home team, is dreaming of being a Laker. The Lakers have 16 championships in their history, and are one of the most beloved franchises in any sport. Now that Kobe Bryant is retiring, the Lakers have the cap room to sign a few big name free agents, one of which could be Durant. Some speculation has both Durant and Westbrook landing in Los Angeles and making the historic franchise great once again.

There’s no telling where Durant will end up, but no matter where he goes, he makes them an instant contender. Durant is in the position where he has to choose from his childhood home, the most respected franchise and the city that welcomed him with open arms. It’s a tough choice, but smart money is on Durant staying put in OKC, even if it’s just to take a short term deal to see if he can finish what he and Russell Westbrook have started.

–Michael Hersey