Kevin Durant Plans to Re-Sign With the Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry will become free agents this summer and the Golden State Warriors are confident in their abilities to re-sign both.  It helps that both players have expressed interest in staying; Durant even helped break ground on the Warriors new arena in San Francisco.

In fact, Durant was the only player to take part in the Chase Center groundbreaking ceremony in San Francisco.  He stared at a picture of the new arena and said, “it’ll be fun playing in there.”  Durant has previously expressed joy in playing with the Warriors, indicating that the atmosphere is more friendly and less chaotic.  Though he only signed a two-year deal (with a player option in the second year), Durant says that doesn’t mean he’s a temporary player with GS.

“I’m liking it here,” Durant said. “I’m liking everything that’s going on. I know what my contract says, but I didn’t plan on coming here for just a year. I’m in it right now, and I’m also just focusing on day by day.

“I know it’s cliché, and you hear that all the time, but I’m seriously just not thinking about it because I’m like – I’m just in it for the long haul.”

Durant and Curry are expected to command mega deals, leading some people to think the Warriors won’t be able to keep them both but the team is confident they can.

“I have no angst whatsoever (about re-signing Durant and Curry),” Warriors owner Joe Lacob told USA TODAY Sports. “I totally am positive (that) I think those guys are going to sign. They’re both free agents. They have a right to do whatever they want. They’ve earned it, and I respect that. If they don’t sign with us for some reason, then shame on me and us. I take responsibility for that. But I don’t see that happening.”