Kawhi Leonard Is Your NBA Finals MVP [Video]

Kawhi Leonard-NBA-Finals-MVP

The San Antonio Spurs have won the 2014 NBA Championship beating the Miami Heat four games to one. The final score in a dominate game 5 Spurs performance, 104-87. The finals MVP, that would be a relatively unknown, 22-year-old Kawhi Leonard.

Leonard averaged 17.8 points while shooting 61% from the field. He is the youngest Finals MVP since his teammate Tim Duncan took the honors in  1999. Magic Johnson is the other. Impressive company.

Leonard led the Spurs on Sunday with 22 points and 10 rebounds. NBA legend Bill Russell presented “Sugar K” with his trophy. Check out the MVP award presentation.

Let me also mention that Kawhi hails from southern California, Riverside to be exact. Throw ya dubs up one time. So, for all these reasons,  just for one day, we’ll let fuzzy braids flourish in 2014.

The Spurs have won their fifth title since 1999.


photos & video via @NBA