JR Smtih’s younger brother Chris says he’s earned his spot on the Knicks


JR Smith’s younger brother Chris made the final cuts for the Knicks roster for this season. Earlier in the week, Mike Woodson admitted that the fact that Chris is J.R.’s brother does factor into the team’s decision on whether to cut or keep the guard. On Friday, the Knicks began trimming their roster, if Chris stays on the team until opening night, his contract becomes guaranteed. Smith has been hearing a lot of feedback from fans and critics who don’t believe he deserves a spot on the roster. Smith has a response for those people letting them know, he’s earned his position.

“I can’t even have a social media because people are coming at me because they think my situation is something different,” Chris Smith said. “I feel like I earned my position on the team and I’m going to keep on earning my way here.

“I think people don’t really look at my talent, they just look at J.R. is here . . . Has it helped me? Of course. That’s my big brother. He has helped me a lot.”

Only way this beef is settled is on the court. Of course there will always be doubters. But production tends to put people in their place. 4 more days until we potentially get to see what Chris Smith is made of… actually if he does make the team, I have doubts about him making it to the active roster, but time will reveal whose right.