JR Smith says he has to think more in Triangle offense


It’s NBA pre-season. Teams are still working out the kinks to their game. The Knicks are one of the teams people will be paying a lot of attention to this season. A new team president in NBA coaching legend Phil Jackson, a new coach in Derek Fisher, and the introduction of the triangle offense.

So how is the team handling learning one of the most complicated offenses in basketball? JR Smith says it’s helping him to think more while he’s out on the court.

“You have to think the game more. It’s just more of a complex way that we play, [more complex] than we’re used to playing,” Smith said after the Knicks’ third preseason game. “We’re used to just catching and going, stuff like that. Now, cutting, making sure we’re getting in our right spots. It’s just a conscious effort I think.”

So far this preseason they’re 2-2.