Jokes Fly After Taye Diggs Offers Steph Curry Some of His ‘Chocolate Lovin’

Taye Diggs set Twitter on fire, making himself a trending topic after he seemingly propositioned Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry.

Curry’s teammate and “Splash Brother” Klay Thompson started off the season in a shooting slump that was so bad, it ignited trade rumors.  Thompson has since gotten himself back on track, shooting 43% from the three-point line and averaging 24.6 points over the last five games.  Curry was asked how Thompson got his groove back and he joked that Klay did it the same way Stella did.

It was obviously a pun on the movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back, where Angela Bassett played Stella, a successful woman that went to Jamaica and got her groove back by engaging in a romance with a younger man.  That man was played by actor Taye Diggs, who got wind of Curry’s joke on Twitter and told Steph he can come and get his groove back too with some of his “chocolate lovin.”

Obviously, he was joking, but Twitter is gonna Twitter and they went in.