John Wall wins Sprite Slam Dunk contest [video]


There’s been a lot of debate over the new format of the dunk contest. The first round was a “freestyle” that involved the six participants being split into teams representing the East and West to go out and just hit random dunks, throwing up lobs for each other etc. Then there’s a head to head battle where a player from the East goes up against a player from the West and is knocked out  – no point system.  There’s only one round of this.

The concept could use some adjustments but I’m not completely mad at it. Although I believe we were robbed of seeing more highlight worthy dunks from the new generation of the NBA. Check out John Wall’s contest winning dunk.


I love that he and Paul George hit their “Nae Nae” after the dunk. I’m a sucker for a great dance moment. And when the Wizards mascot joined in… Hilarity.

Kings Ben McLemore had a nice head to head but couldn’t compete with John Wall’s double pump, even though he had Shaq and theatrics as a prop.


Side note, I find it interesting that I didn’t see the “old guard” of the NBA courtside for this. No Lebron, no DWade, CP3, etc. There has absolutely been a different energy to this year’s All-Star game.

Check out the other dunks of the night including Raptors Terrence Ross entrance with rapper Drake… preview of All-Star 2016 All-Star on Toronto.

Pacers Paul George


Trail Blazers Damian Liliard


Terrence Ross and Drake


There will be no highlights of Warriors Harrison Barnes… he did not put on for the Bay.

video and photo via @NBA