John Wall Slaps Jae Crowder During Altercation After Celtics Beat Wizards

Things got heated after the Boston Celtics 117-108 win over the Washington Wizards on Wednesday.  John Wall and Jae Crowder had to be separated after a heated argument turned physical.

The two teams exchanged barbs all night, but things came to head after the final whistle.  Crowder and Wall were arguing, then Crowder was seen putting his hand in Wall’s face, touching his nose.  Wall retaliated with a quick open-hand slap before teammates and staffers rushed in to separate the two.  Wall took another swipe at Crowder in the melee, which led to Celtics’ Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier trying to get at him.

The shouting continued between the two teams as players entered their respective locker rooms, which are close to each other.  According to ESPN, five Boston police officers stood guard between the locker rooms in case another dispute took place.

“Just some altercation. We knew there was going to be some trash-talking,” Wall said. “We knew it was going to be a physical game. That’s all it was: Just a little trash-talking and a physical game.”

Crowder didn’t care to discuss what flared the incident.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I ain’t got no comment about that,” he said. “You want to talk about the game? Anyone want to talk about the game?”