Joakim Noah says rumors of him recruiting Melo are like gossiping high school girls [video]


Joakim Noah is one of my favorite NBA players. He goes out every night and gives 110% plus manages to keep his messy high bun perfectly coiffed. Earlier this week, rumors surfaced that Noah was attempting to recruit Knicks star Carmelo Anthony to the Bulls for next season.

Noah addressed those rumors and likened them to gossip that goes around in high school on the Monday after you hooked up with a girl over the weekend.



I’m not sure if the Bulls can pay Melo, but the idea is intriguing. The Ex-factor here is Derrick Rose’s health. There’s no way to know what level he’ll be able to play at once he returns to the court. One thing seems to be very certain. If Melo opts to stay in New York, money is the only motivation.

video via @CJZero