Jermaine O’Neal stepped to Blake Griffin outside Clippers locker room


The Clippers and the Golden State Warriors have a real life rivalry. Every time the two teams face off, something else happens that adds to that. Following Wednesday night’s Clippers win in Los Angeles over the Warriors, center Jermaine O’Neal stepped to Blake Griffin outside of the Clips locker room.

O’Neal confronted Griffin in the hallway after the game and the two briefly stood face to face.

“Why you want to walk up on me?” Griffin reportedly asked O’Neal. “Leave that (stuff) on the court.”

O’Neal responded that he is a “monster” off the court and the exchange ended. Griffin had no interest in talking about what happened when reporters asked him about it.

Nah,” he said. “That’s between me and him.”

What had O’Neal so upset? Probably stemmed from the conversation that took place in the fourth quarter that earned O’Neal got a technical foul. This is the second time in a week that a player has stepped to Blake. Suns PJ Tucker hit Blake in the face. Blake has grown up this year. He’s a legit MVP candidate behind LeBron and KD.