Jason Kidd refutes rumor that Bucks center Larry Sanders is giving up basketball


What’s going on with Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders? There are reports that Sanders has lost his passion for basketball and wants to retire. He’s currently on personal leave away from the team.

Bucks head coach Jason Kidd says that the rumors aren’t true, Sanders just has the flu and was taking care of some personal things.

“Larry’s been working extremely hard,” Kidd said. “He had the flu. He’s taking care of some personal things. That’s what it is. We’re hoping he joins the team shortly, hopefully in the next couple of days if not tomorrow, and moving forward. If tomorrow, that’s great. That’s all we can report … There’s no more, there’s no less.”

I hope Sanders has someone in his life he can have a real conversation with. Someone that won’t benefit on the outcome of his decision. Sanders is in year one of a four-year-$44 million contract with the Bucks.