Jason Kidd Leaving The Brooklyn Nets To Coach Milwaukee Bucks?


Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd walked straight off the NBA court into his head coaching position. A year later, Kidd is rumored to already be looking for his next challenge. Kidd reportedly feels he’s ready for a dual role coaching and as a part of the front office.

Per the New York Post, Kidd recently hit up ownership with a list of things he wanted them to change/improve, including his role with the organization.  Kidd didn’t want general manager Billy King fired, but he definitely wanted a title upgrade and a role over King.
Reportedly the ownership felt Kidd wasn’t ready for that kind of responsibility after only coaching for a year and ending the season with a 44-38 record. Sixth in the Eastern Conference.

The franchise then was approached by the Bucks for permission to speak with Kidd about the prospect of hiring him, and the Nets granted permission. Bucks coach Larry Drew just completed his first season in Milwaukee after the team hired him last summer following his contract expiring with Atlanta.

Having that elusive power over both personal and how that talent is showcased on the floor is a coaches dream. Only a few posses it, Gregg Popovich with the Spurs, recently Stan Van Gundy has been awarded that opportunity when he signed on with the Pistons. And, of course Doc Rivers role as President of Basketball Operations and head coach of the Clippers.

This is the changing of the guards in coaching. The old school is on its way out and a new model is being formed. Coaches are changing teams and forcing their way out like the players these days.