Inside The NBA Stages a Dwight Howard Intervention

An intervention of sorts was staged on TNT’s Inside The NBA Tuesday night. Dwight Howard was on as one of the commentators for the night. With the rumors of Kenny Smith as a possible head coaching option for the team, a discussion about why people don’t like DH was in order. This one was naturally started by Charles Barkley.

“I think I was very likable in Orlando, and the way that situation ended [with him demanding a trade away from the Magic], I think people felt as though I’m just this bad guy,

Barkley also asked about Howard’s motivation, and what does he really think about playing with James Harden

“Disinterested? I’m always interested in winning, but sometimes, as a big, you want to feel a part of what’s going on. … Now there’s been times where I’ve been upset and I’ve taken myself out of games and situations, and that’s on me, and I have to grow and be a better player at that.”

Howard also noted that people think he smiles too much, and said that sometimes he debates in his own mind if he should smile at certain times and risk being seen as not taking the sport seriously enough.


Dwight handled the conversation extremely well. Then again, giving the right answer has never been the real issue for Dwight, it’s been the follow up.

It will be really interesting to see where he lands this summer.