Hostage Negotiations

This is a quote from Reggie Miller on TNT Tuesday Night about Allen Iverson, “I’ve played a lot of games against Allen Iverson when he was with the Philadelphia 76ers, and he is one of the toughest guys I’ve ever gone against,” Miller said. “But having said that and knowing the information we know, what Arnie Kander is saying, it’s almost like (Iverson) is holding this team hostage because he cannot accept the responsibility of coming off the bench. That’s sad because he is one of the truly great little men we’ve ever had in the game.”

Clearly this phantom back injury has everything in the world to do with what this Piston team NEEDS AI to do in order to stay relevant. They need his punch off the bench. The team simply works better with Rip in the starting unit. I know that’s a hard pill to swallow for someone whose been a star since his day’s at Georgetown ::PAUSE:: can I just say I loved, loved, loved AI when he was with the Hoyas. HE was the reason why I started watching college basketball. He was so quick and so damn cute! Woooo but anyway.

AI you’re still the answer, just not with the starting unit. Maybe it’s just a chemistry thing but whatever the case, it doesn’t take away from who you are and what you bring to the court. And most importantly, you’re still getting a massive check! Your contract is up at season’s end. Its painfully obvious that you and Detroit don’t mix so what’s a few months? Just man up and do your job. Everybody has a part of their job they don’t like even if it’s their dream job. Why revert back to being a cancer.

I think the NBA needs to have mandatory refresher courses for its Vets like they have for the rookies. These cats just don’t seem to get it sometimes. A transition plan is key for everyone. As life evolves how you tackle it will change too. The country is in a recession and you’re 33 years old, things change. Staying ahead of the game means the ebbs and flows won’t be so rough on your psyche. MAN UP AI, you’re the answer but not to the Pistons question.

DAMN. It’s so COLD IN THE D! How the hell you expect peace… (go look that up on youtube for a giggle)