Hollywood loves NBA stars: KD, Kobe & Dwight Howard all have documentaries coming to cable


Hollywood has a love affair with athletes. Especially lately. LeBron James has his comedy series on Starz, Survivor’s Remorse – which was picked up for season two. Kevin Durant has an HOB docu-series debuting next month, The Offseason: Kevin Durant, which will follow the reigning MVP from the moment he won the prestigious award, through this past off-season which included a stint with USA basketball and 2014-2015 training camp.

Kobe Bryant has a documentary coming to Showtime entitled, “Muse,” and the most recent announcement, Dwight Howard is teaming up with EPIX to release an original documentary called EPIX Presents Dwight Howard: In the Moment. It will feature exclusive footage of Howard struggling to make a decision as to where to sign this summer as well as an in-depth look at his childhood and his path to the NBA.

“The 2013-14 NBA season is a pivotal year in my professional career,” he said yesterday. “I am excited about being a Houston Rocket and grateful for the opportunity to be seen in an in-depth manner.”

You think Dwight will discuss his multiple children with different women? Or, how a good Christian guy got caught up in the NBA lifestyle? Maybe what life is like playing with people you hate…