Highlights From Chris Paul’s Charity Game In North Carolina Featuring LeBron James, John Wall & More [Video]

Chris Paul held his charity hoops event on October 1st in North Carolina. Players participating included LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant, JR Smith, John Wall, Rudy Gay and others. Held at Winston-Salem State in front of a sold out crowd of  3,200 people, Chris Paul also donated $25,000 to the school. The game was live streamed (free of charge) on CP3’s site.

Of course there are highlights; a crazy LeBron reverse dunk, a play where John Wall passes the ball to himself, around his waist then dunks with the opposite hand and more. And while I appreciate the idea that players are donating their time for the love of the game, that fans who might not normally have the opportunity to watch NBA ballers up close, get to see it. That money is being raised for neighborhoods/programs that were the breeding ground for some of the talent.

At this point, all I want as a fan is an NBA season and a real NBA game. They say until both sides lose something (I guess in this instance  a check and box office receipts from the first home game) the real negotiations don’t usually begin. I hope both sides can see the bigger picture and work in earnest to get the deal done.


I still appreciate the highlights though! Curtsy to Hoops mixtape for the video