Heat Fans Taunt Paul George With “Selfies” [Photos]


The Indiana Pacers are down to the Miami Heat 3-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals. The fans in Miami wanted to send Paul George a message when he stepped into the arena for game three Monday night.

Remember when he came out that Paul George was allegedly catfished? Well Heat fans took the selfies that were leaked along with the story to taunt PG.

But the Pacers had bigger problems facing off against the Heat on Monday. PG’s teammate Lance Stephenson poked LeBron by stating King James showed a “sign of weakness” when he trash talked him in Game 3. LeBron answered with 32 points, 10 rebounds, five assists and two steals.

Following the game, George said that Stephenson was showing his immaturity and that when you talk trash, you have to back it up.

But Paul also said that it was officiating that cost the Pacers this game.

Or, the Pacers just flat out got outplayed.