Grant Hills tells story of Shaq choking out teammate while playing for Suns


I love story time when athlete’s share stories about incidents that happened during their playing days. Former NBA player and current NBA TV analyst and host of “Inside Stuff” recently shared a story about Shaq. Grant and Shaq were teammates for a brief time when Shaq was traded from the Miami Heat to the Phoenix Suns. Grant recounted a story about the time Shaq put their teammate, Gordan Giricek in a sleeper hold.


It turns out O’Neal and Gordan Giricek, who had been with the Suns for all of six weeks, mixed it up verbally during a closed practice to the point that O’Neal auditioned for his WWE future. He put Giricek in a sleeper hold, except it was no fake. Giricek passed out.

Giricek played in the remainder of the season, but it was his last NBA season.