Golden State Warriors can’t celebrate wins singing “Coco” anymore


Remember when you were a little kid, and you would sing or rap along to songs, but you had no idea the real meaning behind the words? You would get a pass from some adults because it was cute, and you didn’t really know what you were saying.

I can’t say that’s what was happening with the Golden State Warriors when they were singing, O.T. Genasis’ song “CoCo” after wins. But I think they were just enjoying a catchy chorus and a hot beat. The team has been told no more Coco celebrations, so for now, here’s a quick look back at the fun.


In case you aren’t clear what the issue is with this particular track, check out the official video. It’s a little graphic, it’s an ode to cocaine.

17-2. The dubs are ROLLING… wait, I mean with wins, not with Molly. Just wanted to be clear.