Gloria James Boyfriend Says He Got Left In Miami Too [Photo]

Now that LeBron James is returning to his home state of Ohio to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, that means a lot of things are being left behind in Miami. Including Da Real Lambo – real name Arthur Lambright- Gloria James’ 31-year-old boyfriend. The two began dating in 2013. Lambo is an aspiring rapper.


No more photos of Lambo posted up with exclusive LeBron Nike colorways and King James’ championship ring. Lambo posted on Instagram that he was being left behind too.


Heat fans don’t feel bad cause I got left in miami to @kingjames keep striving4greatness #2

Lambo was just on vacation with LeBron last week. Maybe Gloria will give him the call and bring him along. If not, it was a good ride while it lasted. Meanwhile, Miami PD has extra patrol on duty at LeBron’s home per Gossip Extra.